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Voyager Conversion Kits


The Revolutionary New Voyager has changed everything in motorcycle touring, affording you the safety and convenience of a three-wheeler. The most amazing feature is its quick installation and removal from your stock motorcycle. After the initial installation is complete, you can have the safety and convenience for touring that a three-wheeler can give, in just minutes. In just minutes more, you can have your two-wheeler back for the excitement that only a two-wheeler can bring. Less than 1/2 the price of a conventional Trike conversion. NO ALTERATION to your motorcycle. Be Safe in the Wind!!!


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Pop-up Campers and a Full Range of Cargo Trailers to Tow Behind Your Motorcycle! Turn Your Average Ride Into Weekend Excursion!


The Easy Camper and Time Out Camper trailers are motorcycle towable camping trailers that are designed to be pulled by your motorcycle or small car.Both models have a small profile while you are pulling them, but when set up, provide you with a spacious camper for two people. If that isn't enough room, you can attach the optional screen room for an additional 72 square feet. Both models can be set up in about 3 minutes, and give you a spacious living area that is completely off the ground - the tent doesn't get muddy, and the floor stays dry.


The Easy Camper and the Time Out Camper both sleep 2 people. The Easy Camper offers all the time-tested features of the Time Out Camper, including the same sleeping comforts, with a more modest living area and at a lower price.The larger Time Out model gives you more room in the middle interior section allowing you to attach the optional table. Both models give you enough room to stand while dressing. When closed, both models have the same exterior dimensions giving you the same storage capacity under the bed.


Many options are available including coolers, a screen room, a luggage bag, light bar and other options.


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